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Dan Dombeck Interviews with WTTW: Chicago Tonight

March 5, 2018
After the publication of the Dombeck Lab's new study, WTTW: Chicago Tonight hosted an interview with Professor Dombeck to discuss the implications of their research. Read more...

Andrew Miri Recognized as a 2017 Next Generation Leader

November 9, 2017
Professor Andrew Miri has been recognized by the Allen Institute for Brain Science as a 2017 Next Generation Leader. This program acknowledges the excellence of emerging scientific leaders and offers the opportunity for professional development through training on how to serve as a scientific advisor.

Gallio Lab Publishes Study in the Nature Neuroscience Journal

October 17, 2017
The Gallio Lab's study has been recently published by the journal Nature Neuroscience, and their findings  could lead to new strategies to treat acute pain. Read more...

Indira Raman's Collaborative Research on Understanding the Human Mind

October 12, 2017
An unlikely partnership sheds new light not only on how signals move in the brain, but also on knowledge, language, and the very nature of the mind. Learn more about Professor Raman's collaborative research.

How Messing With Our Biological Clock Impacts Well-Being

October 11, 2017
Professor Fred Turek discusses, on WSFU Public Media News, what happens to the general well-being of individuals who go against their own natural biological clocks. "What happens is that you get a total de-synchronization of the clocks within us, which may be underlying many of the chronic diseases we face in our society", Turek explains in response what happens when individuals mess with the body's sleep-wake cycle.
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