Northwestern University Dept. of Neurobiology and Physiology

Academic Programs



MS in Neurobiology:

The Department of Neurobiology administers a one-year Master's program, intended for those students seeking an accelerated path to a graduate degree in the life sciences.

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Ph.D. in Neuroscience (NUIN):

NUIN is a research-oriented PhD program. Students must satisfy a rigorous set of course requirements in addition to completing a thesis. Students also receive training in teaching and other professional skills important for all career paths. NUIN accepts applicants from many diverse backgrounds.

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Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (IBiS):

The Interdepartmental Biological Sciences (IBiS) Program at Northwestern University trains students to pursue innovative interdisciplinary research in a broad spectrum of disciplines such as cell biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, biophysics, and neuroscience among many other disciplines.

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BA in Biological Sciences (PBS):

The Program in Biological Sciences offers a Bachelors for undergraduates interested in studying neurobiology and physiology. Most NBP faculty teach undergraduate courses in PBS.

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