Northwestern University Dept. of Neurobiology and Physiology


Neurobiology Data Lunch

Alternate Thursdays at noon, 2013-14
Cook 3118AB

Join us for presentations of ongoing research projects by postdocs and
students in Neurobiology and related laboratories.

- Each week will be assigned to a lab.
- Members of the lab are responsible for presenting between 15 minutes and 45
  minutes of research.
- More than one person from a lab can speak—one person giving a 15 minute, 30
  minute or 45 minute talk, 2 people giving talks of < 25 minutes each, 3 people
  each giving a 10-15 minute talk, etc.

The idea is to get together and have the opportunity to find out about the work going on
in neighboring labs, as well as to give students/postdocs the chance to present their work
to a larger audience than their own lab.

Bring your lunch!


Fall Quarter 2013

October 3 - Tom Bozza's lab

October 17 - Dave McLean's lab

October 31 Dan Dombeck's lab

November 21 - Jianhua Cang's lab

December 5 - Fall Rotation Talks


Winter Quarter 2014

January-February - Suspended for departmental Faculty Search

March 13 Winter Rotation Talks

Spring Quarter 2014

April 10 Indira Raman's lab

April 24 - Fred Turek's lab

May 8 - Mark Segraves' lab

June 5 - Marco Gallio's lab

June 12 - Spring Rotation Talks