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Indira M. Raman

PhD, Wisconsin-Madison

Indira M. Raman

Ionic mechanisms of neuronal excitability

Information in the nervous system is transmitted by electrical signals (action potentials) within neurons and by chemical signals between neurons. The research interests of this lab are in studying the biophysical properties of voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels intrinsic to neurons, as well as in understanding the physiological consequences of the different patterns of activity characteristic of specific neurons.

We are currently studying neurons of the cerebellum, a brain region that participates in controlling movements. Projects in the lab focus on the ionic mechanisms of high-frequency firing in Purkinje neurons, the transmission of synaptic signals from Purkinje to cerebellar nuclear cells, and the response of cerebellar nuclear cells to different patterns of synaptic input. These types of studies will be useful for the development of accurate computer models of neuronal activity, as well as for cellular-level interpretations of systems-level studies of cerebellar function.