Application Procedure

1. Explore the program

Before starting the application process, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the graduate program.

2. Apply to The Graduate School at Northwestern

Applicants must be admitted to The Graduate School before they can be enrolled in the Department of Neurobiology’s MS Program in Neurobiology.

You apply online through the TGS portal. About the online application:

  • You will be given an application PIN and User ID via Apply Yourself.
  • You will use the online application to submit required and optional supplemental materials.
  • You may access the online application as many times as necessary before submission.
  • Using the same PIN and User ID, you will also use the online application to view your admission decision.

When Applying:

When you apply, please refer to the answers below to ensure that your application if free of filing errors:

  • Academic Program = Neurobiology Masters (N05MS).
  • We do not have an area of specialization or affiliate interdisciplinary cluster.
  • The entry Quarter for this program is always the Fall of the application year.
  • Attendance  = Full time.

3. Provide supplemental materials

The Department relies on the research experience, letters of recommendation, transcripts, a writing sample, and personal Statement of Purpose in making choices for admission.

GRE scores

GRE scores are not required for admission. Please note that:

  • The GRE must be taken no more than five years prior to the intended quarter of entry.
  • Scores must come directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS), using our ETS institution code of 1565.
  • To ensure that test scores are received in a timely manner, you are encouraged to take the test at least three months before the department's March 1 application deadline.

For more details on GRE scores, visit TGS's Test Scores webpage.

TOEFL or IELTS scores

Students whose first language is not English must take the TOEFL or IELTS examination.

To submit your score:

  • ETS must send TOEFL scores to The Graduate School using our ETS institution code of 1565.
  • Copies of your IELTS scores must be sent directly from IELTS to the department.
  • To ensure that test scores are received in a timely manner, you are encouraged to take the test at least three months before the department's March 1st application deadline.

The program will waive the TOEFL/IELTS requirements for students that receive bachelor degrees from certified institutions where the primary language is English. Most accredited American universities will meet this requirement.

Letters of recommendation

The Graduate School requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation. The Graduate School's and the Department’s admissions committees are interested in recommendation letters from those who are most able to assess your academic and research abilities in areas related to your field of study.

Official transcripts

While completing your online application, you will be required to submit one scanned copy of your transcript or academic record from each school you have attended. For more details on transcript requirements, visit The Graduate School’s Transcripts webpage.

Statement of purpose

All applicants are required to upload a Statement of Purpose while completing the online application. Your Statement of Purpose should describe your purpose and objective for undertaking graduate study, any special research interests or qualifications you possess, as well as, why you chose to apply to Northwestern University. Please review the advice for preparing your Statement of Purpose.

Optional materials

Students who have a curriculum vita or resume are encouraged to submit them.

Please note: Materials submitted in support of an application become property of The Graduate School and cannot be released for other purposes or returned.

Application Decisions

For full consideration have application materials no later than March 1; after March 1, there will be a rolling admissions based on availability of openings.

Please note that we are currently only accepting students for Fall Classes.

Any relevant documents received after the deadline will be marked "Late Applicant," which means applicants who submitted on time will be given first priority by the admissions committee, and late applications may be reviewed as time permits.

Additional questions?

Prospective students may direct any further questions about our program or the application process to Chad Gilliland.