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Course Catalog

NEUROBIO 401 – Neurobio 401

2 credits

This Fall Quarter course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of neurobiology, combining classroom lectures (as part of the BiolSci 302 course) on the organization and function of the nervous system, and a weekly pro-seminar where students read and discuss classic papers.

NEUROBIO 402 – Advanced Neurobiology

2 credits

This Winter Quarter course is designed to expose students to cutting-edge research in neurobiology, and emphasize reading and critical discussion of primary literature.

NEUROBIO 595 – Independent Lab Research

1 credit (Fall & Winter), 2 credits (Spring)

The specific objectives for the student are: (1) To understand the research topics the laboratory investigates (2) To understand the research methods the laboratory uses (3) To develop critical thinking skills, the ability to meaningfully design scientific experiments, a work ethic consistent with those of a professional scientist, and appropriate time management skills


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