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First Name Last Name Advisor Thesis Title Date
Nadia DiNunno Klein The relationship between ADDLs and tau in the progression of Alzheimer's neuropathology: mechanisms of hippocampal neurotoxicity 2/10/17
Todd Appleby Schwartz Color Opponent Ganglion cells of mouse retina 11/3/16
Sagar Patwardhan Hartmann Rat Whisking Strategies During Object Localizatlon 9/27/16
Samuel Stewart Allada Establishing a model of traumatic brain injury in Drosophila  8/18/16
Jordan Nasenbeny Kozorovitskiy Oxytocinenergic Modulation of Midbrain Dopamine Systems and Implications for Behavior 8/18/16
Samuel Stewart Allada The effects of head-specific TBI on locomotion, sleep, cell death and glial activity in Drosophila Melanogaster 7/14/16
Asia Giammarco Segraves Dynamics of a Receptive Field during a Probe Search Task (working title) 6/14/16
Taehyeon Kim Kozorovitskiy Effects of rapid acting antidepressants, Ketamine and glyx-13 on excitory synapse 6/2/16
Ana Istrate McLean Principles of morphology in the larval zebrafish motor pool 12/11/15
Dietta Chihade Raij Cortical Origin of Frontal Asymmetry for Major Depressive Disorder 11/17/15
Teona Munteanu Schmidt The Role of Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells in Dopaminergic Amacrine Cell Development 8/13/15
Megan Garvey Klein Immuno-research of Alzheimer's Disease: Using Phage-Display Single Chain Fragment Variable Antibodies to Elucidate Amyloid-Beta Oligomer Binding 7/23/15
Katherine Hatcher Turek Sex differences in circadian influence on alcohol-induced gut leakiness and implications for alcoholic liver disease 7/23/15
Brandon Helm Awatramani Unique Projection Properties of Two Molecularly Distinct Midbrain Dopaminergic Neuron Subtypes 7/7/15
Emily Berthiaume Segraves Impact of Target Presentation Mode on Frontal Eye Field Activity 5/15/15
Karim Farrag Segraves Visual Search Across Semi-Natural Scenes 5/11/15
Michaella Georgiou Klein The Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 and Mu Opioid Receptor implication in Amyloid Beta Oligomer Toxicity 12/3/14
Yardain Amar Kraus Developmental Plasticity of the Adolescent Auditory Subcortex: A Longitudinal Approach 7/22/14
Patrick Kearney Gallio Connectivity and Neurotransmitter Phenotype in the Drosophila Thermosensory Circuit 7/18/14
Matthew Marunde Klein Nanodisc Technology and High Throughput Screening for Alzheimer's Disease Drug Discovery 7/8/14
Keya Raychaudhuri Kilman Mushroom Body Gamma Lobe Neurons in Regulation of Sleep in Drosophila 6/26/14
Gaurav Chenji Cang Assessment of Visual Acuity: A Behavioral Model to Study Visual Processing in Mice 6/10/14
Madeline Robertson Woolley Analysis of the Impact of Neurosteroid Estradiol on Seizure-Induced Hippocampal Cell Death 5/7/14
Jennifer Krizman Kraus No Thesis Required 2/14/14
Himanshi Desai Klein Role of Glial cells in early Alzheimer's disease pathology 6/26/13
Michael Riad Klein Therapeutic Rescue of Amyloid-Beta Oligomer-Mediated mGluR5 Complex Formation 6/10/13
Angelica Marconi Turek Expression of Clock Genes Per1, Per2, Per3 and BMAL1 in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Parkinson's Disease: Implications for Disrupted Sleep and Daytime Somnolence 5/23/13
Michael Bennett Klein Alzheimer's Disease Neuropathology: The Role of mGluR5 in ADDL-induced Synaptotoxicity 11/19/12
Nicole Bostic Turek Pathology of Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder: Alterations in Homeostatic Drive and Sleep Quality 8/24/12
Sara Caddigan Segraves Effects of Manipulations of Natural Scene Context on Rhesus Monkey Visual Searching Behavior 7/31/12
Cassandra Dobbins Klein Reduced production and secretion of astocyte-derived insulin/IbF: Potential Contribution to Alzheimer's Disease progression 7/17/12
Jason Patel Klein Characterization of single-chain variable fragments: identification of antibodies that selectively target toxic amyloid beta molecules 6/27/12
Mary Czech Woolley Estradiol Regulates Dense Core Vesicles in the Hippocampal CA1 Region 5/9/12
Eric Behar Linsenmeier A Comparison of Retinal Leakage Across Three Different Strains of Rats using Injected Exogenous VEGF 164 3/2/12
James Sbarboro Klein The Development of Magnetic Nanostructures and their Functionalization with Anti-ADDL as an MRI Contrast Agent for Early-stage Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease 12/5/11
Jared Levine Segraves In Vivo Imaging of Amine Responses in the Olfactory Bulbs of Gene-Targeted Mice 9/22/11
Ren Shuoh Kuo Segraves Rhesus Monkeys Use Contextual Guidance for Visual Search 7/14/11
Benjamin Kuhns Klein SMPLs as a platform for high throughput screening and identification of ADDL receptors 5/25/11
Rachel Pantoja Bozza Analysis of Notch-1 Function in the Mouse Olfactory System 2/22/11
Matthew Augustine Turek The interrelation between sleep, circadian rhythms, and metabolism in mice: the role of circadian disruption and synchronization in metabolic homeostasis and the implications of sleep as a mediator 1/11/11
James Leake Klein Development of a nanotechnology-based ultra-sensitive ADDL scanimmuno assay for Alzheimer's Diagnostics 6/28/10
Michael Hornacek Klein Development of Hippocampal Cell-based Assays for High-Throughput Screening to find Compounds with Anti-ADDL Properties 6/2/10
Scott Mix Levine Estrogen Mediates Its Protective Role Against High-fat Diet Induced Obesity Through Interleukin-6 and IL-6 Receptor 5/11/10
Benjamin Banks Wyrwicz Behavioral and Magnetic Resonance and Microscopic Studies of the 5xFAD Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease 12/14/09
Kichul Pak Bozza Identification and analysis of promoters of genes encoding trace amine-associated receptors in the mouse. 8/26/09
Zachary Clark Segraves Behavioral Evidence for Planning Sequences of Multiple Saccades in Rhesus Monkey 7/15/09
Catherine Smith Takahashi Conditional Knock Out of Mus Musculus Fbxl21 5/8/09
Dana Abrassart Bass The Weight of Time: Exploring Physiological and Molecular Links Between the Circadian Clock and Metabolism 10/27/08
Krsna Rangarajan Cang Characterization of Visual Behavior in Two Strains of Mutant Mice Using the Virtual Optomotor Test and the Visual Water Task 8/28/08
Timothy Requarth Allada Understanding Sleep: A reverse genetics approach to the identification and characterization of novel sleep genes 6/25/08
Deanna Williams Turek Beyond Anxiety and Depression: Quantifiable sleep-wake traits as an endophenotype for complex psychological disorders 5/9/08
Matthew Caufield Wyrwicz Evaluation of cationic lipid reagent for the facilitated delivery of Gadolinium-DTPA into glioma cells: A comparison to fluid-phase endocytosis and electroporation 4/21/08
Anup Patel Allada Identifying Sleep/Circadian Genes in Drosophila 7/25/07