Program in Biological Sciences

Program In Biological Sciences (PBS)

The mission of the Program in Biological Sciences at Northwestern University is to provide:

  • A modern curriculum for students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences
  • State-of-the art training for students interested in research and other science-based careers

This mission is accomplished through:

  • A rigorous, broad-based curriculum combined with specialization in sub-fields of biology
  • Attentive individualized advising
  • Excellence in classroom teaching 
  • Extensive independent research opportunities for undergraduates, including long-term mentoring
  • Research grant program to encourage immersion in summer research experiences

The overall goals of the Program in Biological Sciences are to provide a comprehensive education in biology for all of our majors and to offer an outstanding training ground for students wishing to pursue post-graduate degrees or go on to professional schools.

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