Class Schedules, Courses, and Registration

  • Projected annual course plan
    These are the projected annual plans for NEUROSCI courses. THE TIMES LISTED HERE ARE TENTATIVE UNTIL CONFIRMED BY THE REGISTRAR but are likely to be accurate. Annual course schedules should be used primarily for long-term planning. At least one month prior to registration for each quarter, we will post final schedules on the Updated quarterly schedules page below.
  • Updated quarterly schedules
    These are confirmed times that NEUROSCI courses have been/will be offered. Quarterly course schedules can be used for registration planning and will be posted at least one month prior to registration for each quarter.
  • Registration-related information
  • Neuroscience Courses
    These are the descriptions and pre-requisites for NEUROSCI courses. In the major, these count for Group B requirements or for the Biology Allied Field, but a given course may not count toward both.