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Winter 2018 Class Schedule

These schedules can be used for quarterly registration planning and will be posted at least one month prior to registration for each quarter.

For scheduled times of courses in other departments, go to CAESAR.

NEUROSCI 202-0Cellular and Molecular NeuroscienceMcLeanMWF  3:00 - 3:50 pmM or W, 6pm or 7pm
NEUROSCI 311-0Biophysical Analysis of Neurons for ISP (Not a Group B Elective)RamanMWF  11:00-12:00
NEUROSCI 324-0Neurobiology of Biological Clocks and SleepTurekTTh  12:30-1:50
NEUROSCI 350-0Advanced Neurophysiology LaboratoryDombeckTh  12-5
NEUROSCI 377Neurobiology of Sensation and PerceptionSchmidtMWF  2:00-2:50
NEUROSCI 398-0Senior Thesis Seminar(In Process)TBA 
NEUROSCI 399-0Independent StudyAs Arranged 
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