Biology Allied Field

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Biology is the study of living organisms at molecular, cellular, systems, and community levels. Within the Neuroscience major, the Biology Allied Field includes courses that focus on the biological functions of the brain, as well as more general biological sciences courses. This option may be used toward admission requirements of most medical schools.

Electives in the Biology Allied Field (choose 6 units)

Courses in the first group are listed separately because they are pre-requisites for some of the additional electives in Biology.

  • CHEM 210-1 or 212-1 Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 210-2 or 212-2 Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 210-3 or 212-3 Organic Chemistry
  • BIOL SCI 215 Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL SCI 219 Cell Biology (formerly BIOL SCI 216)
  • BIOL SCI 308 Biochemistry (formerly BIOL SCI 218)
  • CHEM 230-2 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (laboratory for CHEM 210-2, 0.34 units)
  • CHEM 230-3 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (laboratory for CHEM 210-3, 0.34 units)
  • CHEM 232-1 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (laboratory for CHEM 212-1, 0.34 units)
  • CHEM 232-2 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (laboratory for CHEM 212-2, 0.34 units)
  • BIOL SCI 220 Genetic and Molecular Processes Laboratory (0.34 units)
  • BIOL SCI 221 Cellular Processes Laboratory (0.34 units)
  • BIOL SCI 222 Investigative Laboratory (0.34 units)

Projected Annual Course Plans: BIOL SCI, CHEM

Additional Electives in Biology

Neuroscience courses listed here may be taken as a Group B Neuroscience elective or an elective for the Allied Field in Biology, but each course may count either toward Group B or the Allied Field in Biology and not both.

  • NEUROSCI 303 Molecular Mechanisms of Neuropsychopharmacology*
  • NEUROSCI 304 Developmental Neurobiology* 
  • NEUROSCI 320 Animal Behavior*
  • NEUROSCI 322 Systems and Computational Neuroscience* (No longer offered)
  • NEUROSCI 324 Neurobiology of Biological Clocks and Sleep*
  • NEUROSCI 326 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory*
  • NEUROSCI 350 Advanced Neurophysiology Laboratory*
  • NEUROSCI 355 Neurogenetics of Behavior Laboratory*
  • NEUROSCI 360 Neuroscience of Brain Disorders*
  • NEUROSCI 377 Neurobiology of Sensation and Perception*

Projected Annual Course Plans: NEUROSCI

Biological Sciences courses listed here also may be counted toward the Allied Field in Biology.

  • BIOL SCI 305 Neurobiology Laboratory (This course may count either toward Group B Neuroscience electives or the Allied Field in Biology, but not both.)
  • BIOL SCI 309 Concepts and Logic in Biochemistry
  • BIOL SCI 310 Quantitative Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (for ISP)
  • BIOL SCI 315 Advanced Cell Biology
  • BIOL SCI 321 Physical Biochemistry
  • BIOL SCI 323 Bioinformatics: Sequence and Structure Analysis
  • BIOL SCI 325 Animal Physiology
  • BIOL SCI 327 Biology of Aging
  • BIOL SCI 344 Anatomy of Vertebrates
  • BIOL SCI 355 Immunobiology
  • BIOL SCI 361 Protein Structure and Function
  • BIOL SCI 378 Functional Genomics
  • BIOL SCI 390 Advanced Molecular Biology
  • BIOL SCI 391 Development and Evolution of Body Plans
  • BIOL SCI 395 Molecular Genetics

Projected Annual Course Plans: BIOL SCI

* Indicates courses for which the Neuroscience major provides pre-registration privileges.  Neuroscience may now be declared as a major.