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Northwestern's New Neuroscience Major Success

Northwestern’s new Neuroscience major has been a resounding success thus far. Since officially opening its doors in September 2015, over 200 students have declared Neuroscience as a major. With rising 3rd years comprising the largest class at 82 students, further growth is anticipated as students advance in the program. The first class of 9 students was graduated in June 2016, with two students earning departmental honors. Looking forward, renovations are under way for new state-of-the-art teaching labs dedicated to Neuroscience. Laboratory courses will first be offered in this space in Winter and Spring of 2017. In addition, this summer will see the development of an enhanced research training program dubbed NEURON (Northwestern Education and Undergraduate Research on Neuroscience), available to academically excellent, highly motivated students desiring an intensive research experience. These developments reflect our commitment to providing students with an outstanding education in this burgeoning field.

21 June 2016 revised 3 November 2016

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