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Dombeck Lab Publishes in Neuron

October 17, 2017

Cell Press is a leading independent publisher of innovative biomedical research and reviews. This past month Dombeck Lab members Mark Sheffield and Mike Adoff published a paper using cutting-edge microscopy techniques and mouse virtual reality to explore factors involved in forming an animal’s internal brain map of its local environment. The team watched as new place fields formed in place cells (the cells that form the brain map) when animals were placed in new environments. They were able to implicate synaptic plasticity and changes in network states in the process. The Dombeck Lab’s article, Increase Prevalence of Calcium Transients Across the Dendritic Arbor during Place Field Formation, was published in Neuron’s current issue.

​"It's really exciting to think that the microscopic events that we observed in the dendrites of place cells might represent the first moments of memory formation."

-Professor Dombeck

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