First-Year Focus

Getting started in the major

Students interested in Neuroscience typically should complete the Chemistry and Math requirements listed under Related Courses in their first year (see Neuroscience Major Requirements). Sophomores should take BIOL SCI 217, followed by the two Core courses, NEUROSCI 202 and NEUROSCI 206.

First year:

Chemistry (choose one of the options below; additional information regarding Chemistry courses may be found on the Department of Chemistry web page)

        o General Chemistry
             CHEM 110; CHEM 131/141; CHEM 132/142 or

         o Accelerated General Chemistry
             CHEM 151/161; CHEM 152/162 or

         o Advanced General Chemistry
             CHEM 171/181; CHEM 172/182 or

         o CHEM 1x0, 1x1, 1x2 and 0.34 credit lab courses, 11x, 12x (awarded for AP credit. See the Department
            of Chemistry web page for details) and


        o MATH 220 and 224, or equivalent

Other good choices for first year students include:
Computer Programming, Statistics, and/or PSYCH 110 (if you are planning to take it)

Second year:

• BIOL SCI 217

The required Physics courses can be completed any time before graduation though many students find that it fits best in their junior year.

Second year is also a good time to begin Allied Field courses that are pre-requisites for others that you plan to take. See Allied Field pages to identify courses that you may want to take; courses that are common pre-requisites for later courses are listed separately at the top of each page. Pre-requisites are also listed in CAESAR.


Advanced Placement: It is possible to test out of some Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Programming and Statistics requirements for the Neuroscience major. We defer to home departments as to what score is sufficient; for instance see the Department of Chemistry web page for information on AP credit for Chemistry. However no AP credits will be accepted for Biological Sciences courses.