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New Light-Sheet Microscopy Design from Kozorovitskiy Lab

May 7, 2018

A new study from the Kozorovitskiy lab describes a light-sheet microscopy system for rapid volumetric imaging of neuronal structures as sub-cellular resolution. This light-sheet microscope has a convenient single front facing objective design, which employs a galvo mounted planar mirror to scan an oblique light-sheet, obtaining true geometry 3D images of large volumes rapidly. The project was led by Postdoctoral fellow Manish Kumar, with contributions of Sandeep Kishore from the lab of David McLean in the department. The paper titled “Integrated one- and two-photon scanned oblique plane illumination (SOPi) microscopy for rapid volumetric imaging” is out today in Optics Express, an open-access journal of The Optical Society (OSA). Back to top