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Registration-Related Information

List of Classes Allowing Pre-registration


* Indicates courses for which the Neuroscience major provides pre-registration privileges.  

What happens if a class fills up during registration? 

When a class closes out during registration, a wait list will open up within CAESAR.  Instructors typically will add students if other students drop the class and/or if additional seats are available in the lecture room. If the instructor can add you, the Director of Undergraduate Studies will send you a "permission number" to allow you to register for the class. More senior students and those who put their names on the waiting list earliest are normally given preference. If you have special reasons for needing the course, you should e-mail the instructor a note explaining the circumstances, but you must add your name to the wait list first.

Can I count courses offered in Summer Session or the evening program toward the Neuroscience major?

Courses taken in Northwestern's Summer Session count toward the requirements of the Neuroscience major. However, courses offered by the School of Professional Studies' evening program are not generally acceptable toward the degree's requirements. 

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