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NEUROSCI 399-0 provides course credit to students who choose to do mentored independent research in Neuroscience or a related Allied Field. With a commitment of at least 10 hours per week, students will learn practical laboratory skills and troubleshooting as well as intellectual and analytical skills through a laboratory project.

Requirements fulfilled

Students majoring in Neuroscience are required to gain laboratory experience either through 1 credit of laboratory or methods coursework or through 2 credits of NEUROSCI 398-0 /NEUROSCI 399-0 research. Neuroscience students may take 2 quarters or more of NEUROSCI 399-0 to fulfill this graduation requirement. NEUROSCI 399-0 may not be used toward the Group B requirement.

Special rules apply to spring 2020 NEUROSCI 399-0

If you hope to enroll, you must email Dr. Kilman by 5 pm Monday, April 6th. Assume you will NOT be able to enroll in NEUROSCI 399-0 this spring.

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